Firebase vs MongoDB | Similarities & Differences Between Firebase and MongoDB

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Firebase versus MongoDB a which one is better for this article. I will point out three similarities and three differences between Firebase and MongoDB.


Firebase and MongoDB are both no sequel based and what this means is that the data is structured like a tree. This contrasts with the sequel, where all the information is stored linearly, and tables and tables can reference each other. so MongoDB and firebase are both no the sequel, which means their data is structured more like a tree and similar to a tree.

MongoDB and firebase are both JSON lank, and that means that they’re structured at least similar to JSON data. Now in the case of MongoDB, the data is JSON data. You can take data from the front-end and save it directly to the database as a JSON object. With firebase, there are two things to consider it has a real-time database, and it has a cloud firestore with the real-time database data stored as JSON literally, but with cloud firestore, things only look like JSON. It’s not JSON. There are only collections and documents.

The third similarity between Firebase and MongoDB is that they can be used as a service. They each have their website, or you can configure the backend server for your data. This involves things like users
permissions data security etc. this can all be configured on both Firebase and MongoDB that, concludes our three similarities


The first difference is that firebase has a service called firestore, which is composed of collections and documents. The firestore is JSON, like it’s much more scalable than just JSON. A document is a JSON object, but a collection is a collection of J’s LOM objects. It’s important to note that a collection is not an array. A collection is much more scalable, and the data can be fetched as a collection using pagination search and other query tools with firestore the path to any given document always goes collection document, etc. at the highest level, there are a series of collections and below that there are any documents within those collections as well as any nested collections at the same level as any document using this structure of collections and documents the data overall mimics. the JSON object, although it’s much more scalable than just that

The second difference between MongoDB and firebase is that firebase is a complete solution. It has many services, including hosting, storage cloud functions, machine learning, and much more. this contrasts with MongoDB because MongoDB has a primary focus on the storage of data that JSON structure is its primary focus, so a MongoDB does have analytics they pale in comparison to the kind of depth which firebase gives you in terms of analytics

MongoDB and firebase’s third and final difference is that MongoDB was initially been designed as an implementation with no sequel. It was not meant to be a service. It was meant to be installed on a company or an individual’s server. Just managed and hosted by that company or person. This history explains why firebase is more of a platform whereas MongoDB is more of a technology.

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