Tablet Buying Guide Find The Perfect Tablet For You

Tablet Buying Guide 2022 | Find The Perfect Tablet For You

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This is the Tablet Buying Guide! One of the reasons was the low demand for tablets and the lack of supply from many tablet brands. But the pandemic changed everything! Everyone wants a big-screen tablet & due to demand, many brands are launching them. In fact, every brand is innovating their own brand if they haven’t already! Many brands like Vivo, OPPO, OnePlus, etc. will also introduce their own tabs. And even Xiaomi will bring its own fever. While Realme and Samsung have already discovered their devices.

Make a list –

First, write down why you need a tablet! There has to be a reason like gaming/video conferencing / online courses/multimedia consumption. So keep in mind that sound, display, and refresh rate are all important to gamers. But if you just want to consume multimedia, then the battery is important because it’s required for long binge-watch sessions. To identify the first three items on the list and then decide what type of tablet to buy. Remember, you can get tablets from 10,000 to 100,000 rupees, but it is important to buy a great tablet.

Display –

First, is the tablet screen big and how big should the tablet be that you should buy? If you always want to carry a tablet that has a normal size display then 8.5”-10” is the perfect size according to us! For example) iPad Mini (8.3 “), Realme panel (10” / 10.4 “) so that these tabs can be held in one hand and are more portable. So you have to decide based on your usage. But a lot of people use tablets because they want to watch videos on a bigger screen.
Or they want to play games on a bigger screen so you can use bigger screens like 12 “/ 14” (Samsung Tab S8 Ultra of the future). So that nothing is right/wrong on the screen, select the screen size according to your order. But there is one thing I cannot recommend at all!
An HD+ screen! If your budget isn’t much but at least get an FHD display. Because when you buy a large screen tab with a high-resolution screen, it becomes too granular and uninteresting! You’ll use it for 2-3 days & you’ll throw it away saying WTH!? So do not go for an HD+ screen, instead, try out FHD+!

Panel Type –

If you want to have a regular video conference / if you want to attend class online, the IPS screen is not a problem. However, if you use a lot of multimedia games, you should opt for the AMOLED screen, because not all IPS is the same as AMOLED. Especially for multimedia consumption. But if you want to use AMOLED, keep in mind that the price will go up!

Build Quality –

The build quality of the tablet is very important. As the factor is larger, it can bend/break.
Because you put it in your pocket and it spins, and when it has a little pressure it literally breaks! Therefore, the quality of the construction is very important and tabs with plastic/polycarbonate backs should be avoided. Buy a metal construction washer instead! After buying a tablet, check the build quality to see if it is bad, as large tablets break quickly!
If mobility is very important to you, look for a lightweight tablet. But can I say something?

Battery –

This is just as important, and the higher the battery, the heavier the tablet, but at a good time, it should have an 8000 mAh battery. If it has a small screen, a 7500-8000 mAh battery is fine. But if it’s bigger than 14.13 then it should definitely have a 10,000 mAh battery. Since this battery lasts all day on a single charge, remember that charging the device is time-consuming! Because charging includes 10 watts / 18 watts and there is no quick charging. So there is a large battery and a slower charge, so it is important to consider the size of the battery. If 4000/5000/6000 mAh, don’t buy! It will not be enough and it will be used up in half a day and it will take 4 hours to charge.

Performance –

The one thing brands don’t focus on is their performance! There are a lot of cheap tablets out there, but their chipset is very old, I don’t know why? They come with an old Helio P20/P22. We know it’s a Rs 10-15K tablet but they’re old chipsets! In our opinion, if you buy a tablet even in the budget range of 15-20,000 rupees, it should have an Helio G70/G80 or any equivalent SoC! Please avoid old chipset using tablets! It’s very important! If you aren’t gaming much then you don’t need a high-end SoC but still don’t take an old/underpowered CPU!


TBH, choosing an ecosystem is very easy – iOS or Android? If that’s within your budget, you can definitely choose an iPad, but within the Android ecosystem You get a range from 10,000 to 50,000, but for iOS, it starts at 50,000 rupees! So think about and decide which ecosystem you want to stick to. If you have an iPhone I recommend the iPad because it will work for you.
Because you are in the Apple ecosystem. Otherwise, you can only look at Android tablets.

Camera –

I don’t think the camera on the tablet is important. I don’t think he’s with you to take pictures. Rear cameras are not that important, so even if they are 8.5 megapixels, no problem. A 5-megapixel front camera or even a 3-megapixel sensor is more than sufficient for video conferences. And if you want a good quality front camera you can try them out, but the cameras are good, don’t worry.

Bezels –

Important on the tablet! So when you buy it you have to hold it in your hand and random contacts are made with the thinner edges. So there has to be some wiggle room, and that doesn’t mean more frames make the tablet ugly. There has to be a framework!

Stylus –

If you’re professional/creative & make a lot of drawings, & you’re buying a tablet for that part, then remember, stylus support is important, or else it won’t be of any use! If you are designing/writing and want to save them, look for the Supported Styles tab! Else it’ll be of very little use.

SD card support-

when you want to save your heavy work. You should buy a tab with SD card support.

Connectivity –

If you want to use it over WiFi at home, go for the WiFi version. But if you are a painter by nature, you should get the LTE version. In general, WLAN versions are cheaper and LTE versions are more expensive. So you decide which one you want.

Speakers –

In general, your tabs have four speakers and your tab must have at least two stereo speakers! If one of the tabs has mono speakers, you have no chance! You have a big screen but the sound is poor. So stereo speakers should be there & many high-end tabs have quad speakers. So minimum stereo/quad speakers.

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