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We’re going to learn the differences between java and javascript. now when you hear the terms java and javascript it’s likely that you get confused between the two you might even use them interchangeably. however, there are a few differences that set them apart. so we’re going to discuss the differences between java and javascript.

first, we look at a brief introduction to java then we’ll look at a brief introduction to javascript then we’ll compare the two languages based on different parameters like
oop concept, syntax variable, definition compilation, platform compatibility.


first up what exactly is java. Java developed by James Gosling and team java is the most commonly learned and used programming language across the globe more than 3 billion
mobile phones use java today. so mostly it is used for android app development. it offers incredible stability and is easily manageable another important feature is that it does not require any complex hardware. it is used in web applications with the help of servlets struts or JSPS java overcomes the drawbacks of CNC++ and provides better memory management and security.

now java products are storming the market today with over 1 million Github is no surprise that java has a vast community and a high demand for java developers.


So now let’s understand what exactly is. javascript developed by Brendan Ike in 1995 javascript is a powerful server-side and client-side programming language. Users with the knowledge of javascript can play around with any layer of the application. one major feature of javascript is the fact that it offers incredibly high speed. javascript also provides a wide range of
frameworks and libraries like React.js, Angular, and Vue Javascript are used in integration with HTML and CSS for web application development. now another important feature of javascript is the fact that simple things can be done.

simply javascript is also cross-browser compatible and can be executed on any browser be it chrome, firefox, safari, or opera. it can also be used in conjunction with other languages like Perl and PHP. javascript has a wide user community with over 600000 repositories
on GitHub so now that you know what java and javascript are.

Difference Between Java and Javascript

  • Object oriented programming

First, object-oriented programming – Java is an object-oriented programming language
While JavaScript is a powerful client and server-side programming language. Both languages ​​now use this concept Object-oriented programming concepts such as polymorphism, inheritance, encapsulation, and abstraction can be easily identified by: So two of them use objects to perform actions, but the only difference is in Java It is a programming language while JavaScript is a programming language.

  • Syntax

Java uses syntax that is similar to c or c++ while javascript uses a syntax similar to c programming language again since both java and javascript use objects and classes syntax remains similar

  • Variable definition

Java is a strongly typed language all the variables in the program need to be declared before they’re initialized or defined but in the case of javascript it is a loosely typed language variable declaration that can be done as and when they’re used

  • Compilation

Java is compiled and interpreted Now every Java program is first compiled in one byte of code. What is the Java Runtime Environment? These byte symbols are now interpreted by the Java Virtual Machine, which makes them an interpreted language. JavaScript, on the other hand, is a well-interpreted language. In this case, all the instructions in the program Interprete and checked for errors. So Java is compiled and interpreted, while JavaScript is accurately interpreted.

  • Running platform

Java applications and programs now run on the Java Virtual Machine and are now generally installed with the Java SDK installation. This device now provides a platform for executing Java code. Basically interprets bytecode at runtime. JavaScript programs run in a web browser and do not require an initial installation, so all programs are written in JavaScript. They are generally run and viewed in a web browser, defeating Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser.

  • Compatibility

Since java and javascript are such widely used languages. there’s no doubt that they offer
excellent compatibility again java is cross-platform compatible and is supported by operating systems like Windows, Linux, and mac os. javascript on the other hand as discussed earlier can be run on different browsers like chrome, firefox, and safari now it also supports different operating systems like windows Linux and mac os.

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