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What Is Virtual RAM? | Virtual RAM vs Real RAM | Reality of Virtual RAM

My friends, virtual RAM is available on all modern phones these days!
Comes with different names from different brands! For example) vivo – extended RAM, Realme – DRE, and Samsung – RAM. You can increase the RAM by 2 GB, 4 GB, 5 GB, and 7 GB. Yes, Realme’s latest GT Neo 2 has a 7GB RAM expansion. And I’ll tell you about virtual RAM. This is basically a virtual RAM, but what exactly is it?

RAM as a Part of Storage –

You already know it uses some memory like RAM. But there is one big thing! I will give you an example and tell you in simple language. You have 10 applications in 6 GB of phone storage and you get 2 GB of virtual RAM. Then 6 GB of RAM was used by 10 programs, i.e. 6 GB of RAM was filled. Later the standard 2 GB RAM in your memory / ROM will be created by your phone software, this is a partition. Where to put your active apps. People often think that when 6GB of RAM is full and when they open a new application, the need for RAM will switch to standard RAM.

Which app shifted to virtual RAM-

Number! It can’t be like that! Applications that are already running in Rome are determined by the Android operating system as the applications are transferred through the application. For example) when Facebook / YouTube, which is constantly updated, has not been changed to the default RAM. But the calculator program, if it is running in the background or fixed programs that are not constantly updated, It becomes virtual RAM and as a result, the reallocation of the RAM is replaced with a new application. So that’s a really basic concept. Now you all understand !? very good!

Advantages & Disadvantages –

But that has many advantages and disadvantages. As I said, the biggest downside is the regular apps that you use. For example, Facebook, which is constantly updated, or YouTube, which is constantly updated, never switches to virtual memory. There are certain programs that can be solved. So not all programs help with virtual RAM.

Virtual RAM Concept –

One more thing, first of all, this is not a new concept. This is an old concept and is now coming into computers on smartphones. Second, it’s software, which means that updates can also give you virtual RAM. So when you don’t have it on your phone. You get this function through software updates

Virtual RAM Requirement –

Another point of interest is that standard RAM is available on 6/8/12 GB phones. The real need should be on phones with 4/4 GB of RAM, as their RAM is quickly depleted. Another downside is that if you’re using a 32/64/128 GB phone, virtual RAM doesn’t make sense and your storage space gets bigger. If you run out of memory, how can you get virtual RAM from there? So this is one of the things that should be taken into account as it is a defect.

Virtual RAM Read and Write Speed –

The biggest downside, which is why many people refer to it as annoying, is that the read/write speed of RAM doesn’t compare to mass storage. For example) for RAM the read / write speed is up to 4 Gbps and if you talk about the read / write speed for UFS2.1 storage it is up to 2 Gbps. This means that even if your storage space is the latest, it is only half as fast as RAM. So this is never applicable. However, there are many mid-range phones with UFS 2.1 / eMMC storage that are equipped with virtual RAM and have a speed of fewer than 1 Gbps. Sometimes 500-600 Mbps and RAM speeds over 4 Gbps, so imagine!

Is There any use –

Memory speed can never keep up with RAM speed, so they are not equivalent. Yes, there is a marginal benefit to virtual RAM, but nothing more. It is safe. So if you’ve ever bought a phone with 12GB of RAM and 8GB of RAM with 4GB of RAM as standard, you will never keep up! The speed of 12 GB of RAM when opening the application will not be the same as the read / write speed of the phone of 8 GB. Don’t expect it! Hence, it is important to know these basics over the phone. I’ve seen a lot of people say that I get 7GB with 8GB of virtual RAM, so I get a total of 15GB! No, that won’t work for you! Virtual RAM means that. Yes, there is a marginal gain, but nothing more. And I wanted to ask you how much RAM your phone has and how much is used on average. If you have a phone with 8GB of RAM, how much RAM do you use on average? Don’t tell us in the comments!

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