Useful Computer Tips and Tricks

1. Convert Ms office file to PDF file in one click –

This is important for the ms office user, whether you are a student, studying computer or working in the office, then all of you must be using ms office and you will also know what its use is. If I tell you that without any software like convert the excel file to pdf file, what will you do, go to the online website or download any software and use it, then you can convert any file to pdf file. You can convert easily.
For this, you have to open any file on your computer, then by clicking on save us, then select the place where you want to save the file, then the desktop of saving will open, in which you will get the option of save us type, in that you will get docx file. You have to select the pdf file. Whatever you want to name that file, but that name and save it by clicking on save. Your file will be saved in pdf file. You just have to change the file type and it is absolutely secure, it is an inbuilt feature of Microsoft Office which everyone can use.

2. Problem Step Recorder (PSR) –

This is a feature of such a window, with the help of which you can easily do whatever you are doing in the computer system of Windows and you want to record it step by step if you want to take a step by step screenshot of the work, then in such a situation You can use PSR it is very useful and can be useful for you anytime To use this feature, you have to press the window R button on your keyboard, then a small desktop will open in front of you, then you have to type PSR, after that you press the enter button, then you will see that in front of the screen of your desktop Step Recorder will open.
Then you want to record any step, then you just have to click on start record, then you minimize it, after that you will open anything, suppose you open my computer, then a screenshot of it will be saved then you can save it If you close, then this will be your second step, today every screenshot of the step will be saved, when you click on stop recording, you will see that all the steps you followed will be opened, then you can save that file.

3. Create Folder Smartly –

If I tell you to show me how to create a folder, you will simply right-click on your mouse, go to the folder, and go to the folder and show me how to create a folder, but this is the method, which are the methods that are initially good for learning computers.
If you want to talk a little smart, want to look smart, yes you know how to run a computer, then always use the shortcut key Yes there is a shortcut key to create a folder on the computer, after pressing it, every time you do this Pressing the key will create a new folder in the drive-in your desktop for the next time.

4. Data gets exhausted quickly in the computer –

In today’s time, all people use their data by connecting to the computer’s wifi by turning on the hotspot from their mobile and using the internet, but many people get confused that when we use mobile internet, then our data is less used. And when we connect our mobile to laptop or computer, then all our data ends in a few minutes.
This is due to a setting of the window called Auto window update If you keep this feature turned on and then you connect your WiFi to a mobile hotspot, your data ends very quickly because the window is updated frequently- Whatever update will come from the bar, and window, it will continue to happen in your PC and laptop, due to which your data ends very quickly. If you want that the data you are watching online is used only for the video you are searching, then turn off this setting.
To turn off this setting, you have to press the button of the window, then search window update setting, you will find this option here, then click on it, you will get an option of advanced option, click on it, then there you will get three You will get options which will be on, then you have to turn them off, after turning off your data, the data you are using will be used in the computer, if you want to turn any option back on, then you can come back to this setting and turn it on.

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