Advantages and Disadvantages of Android

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Have you ever thought what if the Android ecosystem didn’t exist?

Android has brought a revolution, no matter what your budget is you can use a capable android smartphone And this is because of the widespread Android ecosystem. we’ll talk about the pros & cons of Android and many interesting things about it.

You know that Android is based on Open Source & 1000’s developers are working to bring you new features And because of that the Android ecosystem has seen major growth. The existence of Android OS is also because of them. All the new features & updates you get are because of these open source developers.

There are many advantages & disadvantages of open source.

Advantages –

And we can’t say that the community isn’t taking any steps to fix the problems as these are inherent problems. We’ll be comparing it to iOS mostly as they both are competitors With Android you can buy a smartphone ranging from 3K to 3 Lakh. There are thousands of smartphones that run on Android They offer different smartphones with different features. For eg: 108 MP camera, under-display fingerprint, etc. it is all because of the Android OS. As it is open source you there are endless possibilities on Android. You change the look & feel of it by installing custom ROMs, you can also install third-party apps that aren’t available on the play store. (we won’t recommend you do this). There are limitless things you can do because of the open-source system. You can do whatever you can think of & that is the biggest thing.

Compared to IOS –

it’s a closed system & is much more optimized compared to Android.
Because the combination of hardware & software is always different. For eg various screen sizes & it has to adapt with all the different devices. Thus it becomes very difficult. When you have the same set of hardware & software then it becomes very easy to optimize them. But today 99% of all smartphones are optimized very well. That is a miracle in itself. But the community who has developed this & reached this modern era with the latest innovations. We thank them all. These are selfless people who are working for you & me. At the same time, we should also talk about the cons of it.

Disadvantages –

There are certain things that are really bad with Android. We get so many smartphones these days which leads to fragmentation. For eg: one smartphone gets an app update & other does not. Some brands give you updates & some don’t. It’s all fragmented. It’s not in the hands of any particular organization or any company as there are multiple stakeholders. Some companies give 3 years of updates & 4 years of security updates. Some companies won’t give any updates once it sells you the smartphone. And there is no one responsible for this. And this is really bad.

Security –

Many smartphone manufacturers make many changes to the Android OS. For eg: you get ads & your data is sometimes compromised. Because AndroidOS is open source, developers put ads on your smartphone to earn some money or to hack your data & it is very easy for them.
And this is one of the biggest negatives of android.

I hope you have understood the pros and cons of android.

NOTE – We are not targeting any company or brand. We just clarified the pros & cons of Android OS.

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