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Friends are you irritated by your low WiFi speeds? Many times we use 100-200 Mbps plans, but the actual speed on mobile/laptop is low. There might be many other reasons for it. But today, I’m going to tell you some solutions to local problems that don’t involve the ISPs. There are many things that you can do to boost your internet connection speed.

(1) Check Internet Connection Cable

It’s a basic thing, to check the external cables(Fiber optic/RJ45) connecting to the routers. Many times with the Fiber optic cable, the bends create pressure & hence it lowers the internet speed. I’m telling you since I’ve experienced it. So check your wire properly & keep it away from the electric cable. As it may cause problems sometimes, so if they’re apart from each other, it’ll help you with your internet speed.

(2) Reposition Your Router

Placing your router is very important. So find a common point between 2-3 rooms. If you’ve kept the router in a corner, then the farthest area in your house will receive the lowest speed.

This usually happens with wireless routers, so the closer you’re to the router, the more speed you get & vice versa. So keep your router at an equidistant position from all rooms in the house. There’s another important thing, keep the router at height for the waves to travel properly. If you keep it below, there’ll be a lot of interference & obstacles for the waves to travel, hence it’ll lower the speed And it’s also important to know how to keep the router. If the router is placed on a platform that’s perpendicular to the wall, then the waves will be wasted on the wall at the back as it should have a 360 degree wave reach.
So, mount the router on the wall from the base to maximize the router signals. And keep in mind that all routers are supposed to be mounted on the wall as there’s a feature to do so too. So do use that as many signals are already being wasted on the walls.

(3) Check For Updates

Once we buy the router & set it up, we don’t check it for months & that’s wrong. These router manufacturers send regular updates, so that the software/firmware is up to date.
It’s very important & makes a lot of difference! Nowadays the routers support 2.4GHz as well as 5GHz bands. Generally, the 2.4GHz is like a single highway, whereas the 5GHz is like a multilane highway. So there’s more speed with the 5Ghz band. But there’s more network reach in the 2.4GHz band than the 5Ghz band. There’s another thing that many people don’t do, but I do it regularly when setting up the internet. I immediately change the DNS, there are many DNS like Open/Google etc that are available for free. I’m showing some free DNS, so try them out as they’ll affect your internet speed.

Free Dns

This is specifically for smartphones but, the new phones have a WiFi Assistant feature, where it merges the mobile data with WiFi if the speed is unstable, to give a combined & stable internet connection. So if you’re using a smartphone, then do use the WiFi Assistant feature.

(4) Use Ethernet cable

Try using the internet via RJ45 cable from the router to the computer. You’ll see the difference, if you have a 100 Mbps connection, you’ll definitely get around 95-100 Mbps speed via cable. The signal gets lost while using wireless internet & it reduces speed too. Where you’d get only 60-70 Mbps. If you’re further away, then you’d get even less around 30-40 Mbps.

(5) Reset Your Router

Keep resetting your router at regular intervals, at least 1-2 times in a month. If there are any small problems, they’d get resolved & it’ll create a difference And if you’re using a browser on the computer, then use a good one as the Microsoft Edge is slow. And regularly clear caches, it clears your login ID & passwords too & it makes a difference on speed as well.

So friends, now you COMMENT & tell us which things you follow from this list.


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