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Learning to code as a beginner is terrifying, but contrary to popular belief, you dont have to be a genius if you can do it. All you need is motivation and sacrifice. So, if you need coding skills, want to learn how to create and create mobile software for your computer, or build your own free website, you are in luck. Here are 10 tips for learning programming for beginners. View the best websites online for free and finally introduce this work. Our free online courses show you what we think is essential for anyone who wants to learn programming. The first is individual training.


Founded in 2014, it is well organized and easy to use for totally beginners to learn programming, now they offer lessons for 15+ programming languages ​​and systems including python javascript php ruby ​​and many others. We have been working on collaborating with others, and if you need help at any time, you can easily get answers from their community in addition to learning from the web, you can also learn on the go through the apps available for both iOS and android in the general assembly, Dash is focused on developing Web, you will learn the basics of creating a modern looking website through a series of projects using html5 css3 and javascript there are a total of five projects to complete including creating a personal website and building a responsive blog theme create a small business website create a css bot and build a libs game Crazy with any project.


Another site focuses on web development, which is absolutely great for those just starting out if you’re the type that learns best by doing their own set of courses, it’s packed with projects in a logical order that starts with simple texts all the way to building fully functional websites as you complete The courses will introduce you to html and css javascript git ruby ​​ruby ​​on rails and databases, a fully open source odin project with more than 1500 contributors working to improve the exorcism site is a website I recently started using learning a new language like the odin project from During open source, they offer code exercises, and unlike most other sites that offer free mentoring, they now have over 50 different language paths and over 3000 exercises on their side. The language you want to master to complete the programming challenge, review the solution with your teacher, opennew exercises, then at the end you will complete the language path with an understanding of the basic concepts after choosing your language.


Udemy is an online educational platform most of you are probably familiar with if you want to learn a new skill they have thousands of courses in many categories while they are famous for their paid courses, you can also find lots of free programming courses too but finding free stuff is not The free courses are easy to find, you can do a search here at the top for the language or go to the categories here in the top left and in the development category, go to the subcategory that interests you. In this example I will go to Programming Languages ​​and select Python. You will now see some paid courses for this programming language. Scroll down the prices listed there to see the left filter showing 226 free course options. In this example, you won’t have a problem finding a course to take apparently based on reviews that Introduction to Python Programming is an excellent course for beginners.


Free code camp is a totally free non-benefit whose objective is to make learning web advancement available to anybody through different difficulties. you’ll get familiar with a few abilities which incorporate javascript, html5 ,css3 and numerous others the exercises are spread out pleasantly with the directions on the left the code supervisor in the center and the yield to the privilege their local area structure at free code camp is extraordinary compared to other this is the place where you can find support from different engineers with any of your coding issues. This course is designed to teach you new skills and techniques like HTML5, CSS3 Ruby JavaScript, from absolute beginners to advanced web developers, and you’ll keep having fun as they grow in popularity. Development of new materials.


You should consider the codecademy unless you are the type of person who enjoys paywalls in case you are confused, yes I am trolling them, they claim to have invented the best system for learning to code. in my opinion that’s not true, while they teach you the basic methods and how to write code, they fail miserably at showing you how to implement what you’ve learned, you want to try them and waste your time, they have so-called tutorials for most popular languages but why bother at a time when codecademy was completely free and boasted that they were endorsed by top tech executives now they only offer the absolute minimum lessons for free otherwise they have monthly plans that start at around $ 40 per month that give you unlimited access.


mdn web docs, formerly known as mozilla developer network, is a fantastic resource for web developers, plus mozilla, microsoft, google, and samsung also contribute their documentation to the site. You will find a large number of learning materials for beginners on the site you will learn. about html css javascript web apis node.js web extensions, website hosting and much more. It will start with your guide to getting started with the web and end with the production deployment which will give you all the information you need to publish your mit-built website.

6. EDX

Edx is an online higher education platform with more than 160 universities offering courses. The great thing about edx is that all courses are free, but there is a fee if you need a verified certificateEdx is an online higher education platform that offers courses at over 160 universities. At edx, all courses are free, but there is a fee if certification is required.. These days, you are less likely to need one. This is why, as you may have heard, many large companies no longer require a degree or certificate to be hired. All you may need is the necessary skills in case you are not familiar with Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg. And Larry Ellison are both college dropouts.

7. CS50

Harvard CS50 Introduction to Computer Science is an essential course. I think everyone should take it before learning to code. This entry-level course will teach you the basics you need to know and familiarize you with various programming languages.

Websites link down below :


CS50 Introduction to Computer Science…




General Assembly Dash

MDN Web Docs


The Odin Project




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