What is Web Hosting ? | Beginner Guide of Web Hosting

What is HOSTING and why it is necessary for every website. which hosting we should use according to our needs.

when we need any information or knowledge then we search on google about our problem . google have trillions of data to share with users. But this data is provided by websites owners. so we can easily get knowledge free on the internet.

nowadays there are millions of website are available on the internet over the world. There are many kinds of websites. for example :- blog, educational websites, e-commerce website , business websites etc. all type of person make their websites according to his/her need. websites help to boost your business, it helpful to enhance the work of a photographer and for a good teacher to give a online platform where he/she can easily teach their students and distribute their knowledge to everyone.

so, now we come on the main subject. what is HOSTING?
every website have some files and many bits of data. every website needs a server where it can save or install . a server helps to save and run a website.
it helps to run a website 24/7 times. a server is a hardware which is own by companies. these server have space to store own website and website’s data base. servers have 24/7 all time running superfast internet speed so everyone can easily reach and use your website . a process in which we store and run our website on a online server is hosting. Those servers are super computers and very ultra fast in working. when we buy a hosting then we pay the cost of rent of server to hosting companies. so hosting is very important for our website to live on internet 24/7.

Hosting providers:-

there are many hosting providers in the market. all providers have their own type of servers plans , prices and facilities. but firstly we will talk about best free hostings facilities which are provided by genuine companies.

1. Blogger :

blogger is a google product and it is totally free open source. it provide us best features to run our website absolutely free. server speed of blogger is pretty good. it can easily handle our lakhs or traffic per month. but blogger does not give us domain. it gives a subdomain (ex: googleinfo.blogspot.com). blogspot is subdomain of blogger. blogger gives us all the basic features that a website needs. if you are a fresher in website making then you should start with blogger then after some months and experience you can migrate your website to another big hosting companies. even you can buy a premium custom domain (.com , .in , .us , .tech) and use it with your blogger. A another fault of blogger is it does not give cloud storage to host big files and zip files you can just host your website here. you can also buy hosting from your local hosting providers. search on google and you can contact them.

2. WordPress:

wordpress is also a website hosting company and website builder that provides many type of features that are uncountable. wordpress company is developed by Matthew Charles Mullenweg and it is released on 27th may 2003 in America. it is also a free open source but it is very much better than blogger. wordpress gives us free pack that have some limits (small disk space , subdomain , low bandwidth). but we can upgrade our plan because its premium features cost is affordable. it gives .wordpress.com domain in free starter pack . wordpress is very popular and 455,000,000 (approx) websites use wordpress on internet. if you are beginner of you have used blogger then you should wordpress.

4. Another companies:

There are lot of hosting companies in the world. ex:- godaddy, bluehost, hostinger, bigrock, hostgator and so on. these all are international companies.
these hosting companies provide a lot of features like control panel , high bandwidth , custom domains, my SQL database, SSD fast disk space, 24/7 customer support. prices of these hosting plans are according to the features that you need and price of these companies are much similar of one another. These websites also provide softaclus software installer. where you can install WordPress, Joomla, python and so on. you should purchase plans of these companies if you have a huge number of traffic .

own server:

if you want to build your own server for host your website and files to live on the internet. YES you can do it easily . you can turn your laptop or desktop in to a online server but then you need a 24/7 all time working fast internet in your house or office. you just need to download some software like XAMPP ,DUC etc. you can easily run your website very smoothly on internet if you have a good computer and wifi. if you want to do this you can watch tutorial videos on you tube.

we have an another way to make your own server then we don’t need a computer. we will use a very small cpu that is respberry pie. I think less number of people know about respberry pie. it is very small size of CPU and but it have all type of features. we just need respberry pie and another hard disk or SSD (solid state disk). we will use respberry pie, had disk or a fast internet then we can make our own server in very cheap price for lifetime and the maintaining cost of this module is very low. respbarry pie have 4-5 models and easily available on the internet at 3k to 20k Indian rupees bracket.
but in the end i will not suggest you to make you own server. Making your own server at home it sounds very good good and creative but managing website and also own own home made server can be time costly.

I hope I clarified you all about hosting, why its necessary and kinds of hostings according your need.
thanks for reading and visit our website. if you found it helpful please comment down and if you have some queries, suggestions or problems you can comment below.


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